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I started

April 22nd, 2007 at 03:05 pm

Today is monumental. I bought paint a roller pan and am getting started on the walls of the house. I am starting with the playroom which will involve painting all of them after fixing them (which I did today) anld then painting a mural on them (Veggie Tales of course). Then figuring out what to put on the floor, where to put toys and how to build a train platform. I want to put in a "book corner" with soft veggie Tales pillows and lots fo favorite books. I want to get a low bookshelf or some cubes he can reach and keep presentable himself. I had put the books on a shelf in the library (actually he had his own shelf just outside the library which is just outside his bedroom) but somehow most fo the books ended up down here on his rocker. I don't want to discourage this so I am putting in a reading corner. For my next trick I will find away of making a platforn for the train to be on so we don't have to ruin a great display to be able to play with something else for awhile.

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