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Life can be frustrating

May 17th, 2007 at 01:42 pm

I am rearranging out downstairs and upstairs so we have less clutter or at least it looks like less.It is not very fun!
I am getting ready for two trips. One is North a little ways because we have to have an interview (theology school stuff) and it is Saturday. The other is much longer. WE are going to GA to see our son before he ships out (they changed it from July to September but they are sending him for 15 months now) and then up to NC to see three of our grandkids baptized. WE will get a few days with each family and we are really looking forward to it. What we are not looking forward to is paying for gas for the drive!!! We pack food, snacks and drinks and only stay at really cheap hotels (no more than 50 per night or we sleep in the car!!) but the gas prices hurt this time. I keep saying if we were in Europe we wouldn't be able to afford to go!! I so wish we lived closer but we couldn't find DH a job any closer.So we have to content ourselves with twice a year visits. (Unless one of them has a new baby then we go an extra time) OH well.

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