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May 25th, 2007 at 07:12 pm

I am amazed at the amount of work that can be accomplished throughout the day. I am also amazed at how much I am enjoying this. No not my DIL being in pain. I hate that part and would gladly take it for her. I am loving having two teens, three preschoolers and a almost toddler to take care of. My DH has been great on the nights that the teens don't have to do dishes, he does them. So I am cooking for a crowd and I don't have to clean up, who could ask for anything more? today I changed her bandages, wow I am amazed by the strides medicine has taken. a decade ago they would probably have taken her leg off at the knee or right below it because the break is soooo bad now they have her partially screwed together and pinned and ready to set off metal detectors at a 100 paces. They are going in next week to add more metal.
We brought the dog, an almost 2 year old shepherd and he is so gentle with her. I am delighted to see how nice he is because he has been a jumper and a climber with us. He is sweet with the little ones and the 1 year old adores him. She would let him out of his crate given half a chance. We padlocked it.
Today i did a 100 yard dash. I didn't intend to but it was important. One of the 3 yr olds was down the sidewalk and had wiped out on his bike, bloody nose, skinned extemities etc. So Nana goes running and picked him up. I grabbed the bike and was comforting him on the way back when the second 3 yr old wiped out. I ditched the bikes and picked them both up. My poor DIL was stranded on the porch in her wheelchair almost crying because she couldn't go get them. She pounded on the dor behind her to get me some help and my DH who was doing dishes came out and went after the bikes. I carried one in to my DS when I got them a bit calmer and he was really worried ... about his Mom who was panting from the run still!! Got to get in better shape!! I'm sure the bending and stretching to do laundry (amazing how much this many people can generate!!) will help, not to mention the unpacking of boxes.

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