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Hail Hail the damages is all here!

June 26th, 2007 at 07:26 pm

While we were away there was a hail storm. I didn't think anything about it even though we were told the hail was as big as softballs. after all our car was 3000 miles away so was safe. This morning our neighbor approached me and said we should call the insurance person anyway because you can't tell what may have happened to the roof. I called since we had just put the garage roof on and the house was only a couple years old (roof) It seems that somewhere there was 13,000 dollars worth fo damage done!! I can't wait to see the list of what we need to do!! The good news is that this is an act of God and won't count against us insurance rates wise. I am amazed at the amount of signs on lawns advertising roof repair. This storm must have been intense. Some lady stuck her head out the window (the better to see the hail I guess) and had to go get stitches. The estimate will be here shortly. Hope it doesn't leave me with two different colors of siding on my house or I may have to talk to my company about that!!

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