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June 30th, 2007 at 09:38 am

Getting a contractor is a real trial right now. We are 3 weeks later than everyone else and the really good ones are no longer taking new customers. I did have one smaller company come out and give an estimate. We got the check from the insurance company and the list of what needs to be done. The first hurdle is that the check is made out to the mortgage company and me the next hurdle is figuring out what really needs done. I just had the garage roof put on and refuse to believe it needs to be torn off and redone. I mean it was finished a week before the hail storm. The house roof is 2 years old but I am afraid to risk not having it done. The siding needs to be repaired in several places but they want me to redo two sides entirely. Great then my house can be two different colors!! The people that gave me a bid said they would take the good siding off of the back and use it to fill in where it is needed on the sides that "show" and then reside the back as closely as they can to the rest of the color. I guess we can paint vinal siding someday! Right now it looks like we will be spending about half the check they gave us on work that needs to be done. The other half will be ours to use. We are considering using it to fund an overseas adoption. It wouldn't cover all of it but it would make it possible.
On the home front my DH is still sick, this makes about 6 weeks.

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