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My Neck Hurts

July 1st, 2007 at 04:33 pm

Wow, if you look up at the ceiling and paint it with a roller for 30 minutes, you end up really dizzy and with a sore neck. I do have a nice tan ceiling though. I also have 3 beige walls and one garden green one. I have to do the corners and around th ewindows and doors as well as paint the trim but that will be later. I also have a cupboard waiting some beige paint but that will be a breeze since I have an able, willing and quite excited 3 yr old who wants to help. OK Maybe it will take longer than the rest of the room put together!! But is will be lots more fun!!

3 Responses to “My Neck Hurts”

  1. littlemama Says:

    A three year old and paint??? You're a brave soul! Smile

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    Brave soul to paint the ceiling! I did a lot of my own painting when I was fixing up my house to sell, but I paid someone to paint the ceiling.

  3. mom-from-missouri Says:

    And look at all the money you saved by doing it yourself.

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