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Garden time

August 9th, 2008 at 06:02 am

Our garden hasn't produced alot yet. We got one pepper that we gave away (first fruits and all that). Yesterday I was surprised to find a fully grown cuke. My DS2 (age 5) said let's pick it and eat it Mom. So that is what we did. DH was home sick and he was delighted when he found out it is one of ours. We have a teeny eggplant forming and a couple more pickle size cukes as well as lots of green grape tomatoes and many little green butternut squash. May not get any more peppers but the carrot tops look good. The broccoli and cauliflower doesn't look like we will get much if anything.
We joined a farm share and it has been producing a little here and there. Yesterday I froze 6 quarts of mixed green and yellow beans, 3 of green and 3 of yellow. I also started two large bowls of pickles, 7 day and a new kind (freezer pickles). Today I have alot of zuccini waiting for me to freeze them. We use that instead of lasagna noodles. The jury is still out as to whether it was a good investment or not. We'll see if it gets more productive as the summer goes by. Up top now we have gootton some peas, 3 lbs of green beans (besides the ones I froze) 3 lbs of purple beans, some very small zuccini, a half pound of rhubard, and several things of radishes. I had to give most of that away since we were getting ready to go south but now we are home and I want to freeze a good bit of what we are getting. I still give some away, I know a family that needs it.

5 Responses to “Garden time”

  1. njdebbie Says:


    Pardon my ignorance, but what the heck is a cuke?

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    yes. I was picturing cupcakes growing in your garden.

  3. Amber Says:

    Wow all this gardening going on, on this site makes me want to start ASAP
    I was thinking cuke was short for cucumbers

  4. ME2 Says:

    In most parts of the USA a cucumber is often referred to as a cuke.

  5. NJDebbie Says:


    Thanks for the info.

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