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tax time at last

February 16th, 2009 at 10:14 am

Tax time is Thursday for us. WE should get back everything we gave them plus a bit for child credit.

Unfortunately it wont cover our credit card bills. Ah well at least the bills arent getting any bigger.

will wipe out about a third of it
which is better than nothing. I will cut us down to no cards since I now have an ing account that has a debit card I can use for online purchases! and never use the card again unless there is an emergency!

1 Responses to “tax time at last”

  1. Chalatenango Says:

    Same thoughts here. The rebate will not pay much of my debt, but in the situation that I am in, any little bit, even if it is only 10% is a great help.

    Can't wait for to get the $$.

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