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Tax Day

February 19th, 2009 at 10:53 am

At least at our house it is. Today we do our taxes. We have a 6 PM appointment to have them done. Then we have to decide how much we will need to have withheld over the course of this year. I will miss having the adoption deduction!

On another note I have been reading a book about a woman with 18 children and one DIL. She and her husband use no credit. I want to reach that point. No not the 18 children although if they were all as nice as hers I'd have to consider it! The no credit state. I have sold a lot of stuff on ebay (actually I had it sold for me, seems to go better that way) and I still have more to go. I want to strip us to the bear bones and see where we are then. If I could figure out a way of making money on online I would but so far no go. So back to saving everything I can. Seems hopeless sometimes to think of getting out of owing on a car and on a house. Guess I should be content if I can get that far. One step at a time. For now I want to get to the point where we only owe one credit card and the car and house. Then we'll work on reducing the credit card debt while still visiting the grandkids East.

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