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February 26th, 2007 at 10:52 pm

Ok I got tired of the lopsided face, not to mention the pain and went to the dentist today. He wants to do a root canal (just the word makes me cringe) I was braced for an extraction but he says it can be saved. OK Then I told him to take a look at the rest of the teeth that need work and tell me again he could save them. He did. So Now I am set up with two more appointments, the first in a long line I am sure to get started on work. The next one is in two days where we will do xrays and see what else needs to be done. We will discuss the possibilities and decide what we can afford on our insurance. We do have insurance thank God! It will pay 2500 dollars this year. So I will have 2500 dollars worth of work done this year. Then he can do another 2500 next year if it is warrented! So far I saved by not letting him use anasthetic today when he started the root canal. (OK how many of you cringed when you read that?) Honest, I am in so much pain from this now the drilling really wasn't any worse (much er only a bit) Now however, it hurts or should I say HURTS!!! AH well that is what ibuprofin is for!! The next trip in is to finish the root canal and then a trip in to cap it off. Then we'll look at the rest of what is left financially and dentally. Needless to say this guy thinks I am nuts already!!


February 25th, 2007 at 03:04 am

That would be my face.
The right side of my face is quite a bit larger than the other side. I have had this problem for about 24 hours now. Late Friday afternoon I realized my mouth was on fire. In fact the pain started and soared to new hites faster than I could imagine. I was in so much pain that i was ill. I couldn't cope with anything. My darling DS2 tried to make Mom feel better by bouncing up an ddown on her while I lay as still as possible hoping she could retain stomach contents. I was successful, but his methods weren't. I stayed in pain in spite of severla tylenol. My Pastor's wife suggest advil which i promptly begged DH to go get and to take the bouncer with him. He agreed and she was right I was able to get some sleep that night. Bright and early I went dentist hunting and discovered that I should be encouraging DS2 to become one, after all they get every weekend off and work short hours the rest of the time (apologies to any dentists out there) So it is now Saturday evening and my face is quite lopsided. I am in pain and have been all day, although it was much better once the swelling started. I just hope the swelling stops soon since I have to get up in front of the entire church tomorrow morning. I suggested I just tell them my husband has a great right hook but he frowned at that thought. He also informed me it would have to be a left. I told him that would make it funnier but he still said NO in no uncertain terms. I figure I'll take so much grief from my 56 graders before church that the laughter of the rest of the congregation shouldn't faze me abit. Actually I'd rather they l.augh than cringe, I do enough of that if i happen to forge to avoid the mirrors.


February 22nd, 2007 at 09:46 pm

Well the cards didn't sell but the other stuff I have put up are all going to sell. It isn't part of the challenge but will help pay off the sewing machine I had to buy, Right now I have half the cost (yes my DH wants me to just pay for it but I want to NOT use a credit card, I want to use cash for it when the bill comes. My goal for this next two weeks is to not use the credit cards for more than 100 to 200 dollars. I'd say not use them at all but we both have birthdays coming up and that is how we surprise each other we use the cards but the money is there when the bills come int that way we don't necessarily know when the other is shopping. Now if I just had a couple ideas for him!!!!


February 20th, 2007 at 02:19 pm

I was made a moderator on another site. I was and am delighted with the trust and started checking every morning for posts. Two days ago I found a couple of awful posts and deleted them shaking my head at how sick people can be. Today I found a whole bunch more. Does anyone really want to look at teens going to the bathroom? At least that is what it said the posts were. Needless to say I didn't check on the validity of the topic name, just got rid of them. They wrote it in smutty terms too. I am amazed. Is there that stuff on all forums? Does some poor sole have to check this one too? Wow with that many forums it must be a job and a half. I am still glad I am a moderator but am going to be even more diligent since I know that there are a couple kids that frequent that other site. I think I'll check morning and night after this.

Left adrift

February 15th, 2007 at 03:36 am

About 8 years ago I found a fantastic friend. Created obviously with me in mind. We could make awesome things together and spent many many hours happily working. This past couple weeks have been rough because I found out her problem is terminal. I can't imagine my day without her sitting there waiting for me. I can't imagine how I will fill the hole left behind. When my DH and I went job hunting across the country for 6 weeks living in a car she was only second to the dog in importance. The beloved object is my sewing machine. I am trying so hard to be grateful that I have a backup but oh it is so hard. DH asked why and I offered to let him do his work on a TRS-80 Model I (He is a lead systems analyst) He understood that analogy quite well and began trying to figure out how to get me a new machine. I don't want a new one, they cost several thousand dollars, I want that one. The company tells me the component board is no longer made and that when the LED screen goes out it will not be fixable (was getting rather hard to see what stitch I was choosing) but I want that machine!!! It and I have been through alot! DH and I lived out of a suitcase and the sewing machine was the second thing packed (first the dog, then the machine then the coffee pot. clothes came in 4th.) Oh well time to "build a bridge and get over it!!"

wrong side of the desk!

February 14th, 2007 at 09:24 pm

I'm on it No doubt about this. i am supposed to be the one torturing (I mean teaching) students with work and tests and the like. Instead I am slaving away every day at someone elses idea of torture (I mean teaching). I am taking the last class I need to get my Masters of Divinity (M Div) I am enrolled at a Wesleyan college long distance. I have about a dozen more classes to take through them to get ordained as a Wesleyan minister (and a bunch of other hoops of course). The cool thing is that this course will count at my old school so I can get my M Div as soon as I write a thesis. The class is probably the most time consuming one I have ever taken but at least it isn't busy work. Now if I just knew what my thesis could be on, maybe I can do one on Finances and quote this site from time to time. At any rate at least I am once again on my way after a few years off. I am grateful this school counted 12 of my classes from th eother school so I only have 12 more to take and I hope to reduce that further when I get my undergrad transcript to them.


February 13th, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Not the kind that squeeks the kind that moves a curser. My son has learned to use one during the time we were trying to get sound on his computer. Now he can use his programs all by himself. Needless to say I took pictures and will sigh over them multiple times. Now if we could just get sound on my computer!!!

auction ended

February 12th, 2007 at 04:13 am

No Sale on Ebay. I may try to relist them but mix the cards up differently. I don't know i may decide that the best market for this is a non virtual one. Oh Well back to the drawing board. There has to be something I can do for the $20.00 challenge.


February 9th, 2007 at 02:10 pm

The IRS came through. We had cut down what they deduct because we knew we would get alot back and had better uses for it. We misjudged however and were due several thousand. Last fall we found out we owed the IRS a couple thousand due to a mistake several years ago. It balanced out quite nicely. We still got a bit back to add to the EF and they are paid in full. It means we didn't pay the medical bills but those are no interest and will get paid this year even if it is at a bit a month. I plan on incurring no more for a long time so that is acceptable to me. We added some to the vacation fund as well just in case because our DIL may need us to come down if she goes into the hospital for surgery.
So the EF is now almost halfway to the goal for the year and we won't have to touch it if we go east unexpectedly.


February 8th, 2007 at 06:10 pm

A couple people have asked where to see the cards I made. so here are the links (at least I hope they are, I'm not that great with a computer)

If you go to ebay and search under my name there, jirahsdaughter you can find some of them
Then if you go to http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5350805the other one is there.
My id on etsy is nanamom and on ebay is jirahsdaughter. Hope you find it. If not let me know and I'll ask my DD how to list a link. Thanks for asking

Online at etsy

February 7th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

I put one set of cards up at ETsy.com. It is different from the ones on ebay. I like these cards better. You can see them at etsy.nanamom.com I plan on changing the configuration if the cards don't sell, IE putting animal cards together and see if it goes that way. If nothing sells, not sure what I will do. Maybe try a different kind of card, something fancier, or maybe give up.

On ebay

February 4th, 2007 at 04:06 am

OK, 5 sets of cards are on ebay and up for sale. I'll see how that goes before I put more on. The listing fee for each is .45. i am selling a set of 4 handmade cards ofr 6.00 on th eBuy it Now price and starting bids at 2.00. If it goes at the starting bid I will make very little but will at least not lose money. I am going to try a couple other sites as well and see what works best.

Slow down

February 4th, 2007 at 03:29 am

I'm not happy about it but I am slowing down for a short time (short SHORT) so that I can recover from this stupid bout of pneumonia I have contracted. I even went to the DR when it was early stages for a script so that it won't hold me up for long. Hopefully this will be over when the pills are gone in 10 days. I had double trouble when the kids were younger and almost died so am a little careful since to not let it get that bad.