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Never a dull moment

May 30th, 2009 at 11:17 pm

I have found some amazing facts lately. Rabbits can be impregnated on the day they give birth. I discovered this because when I went to feed the rabbits today I found myself flashing back to a month ago when I had first found baby rabbits in a nest. We gave them away last weekend (only 2 had survived). I had removed the male the day I saw her give birth. It was less than an hour I swear!!! Apparently she gave birth last night to 7 more babies. I removed "Dad" again. This time I am sure the nightmare is over. We had Dad fixed a couple weeks ago and had an appointment to have her fixed next week. The vet is going to laugh at me sooooooooo hard. Anyone need a baby bunny? They should be ready in late June!

Garage sale finds

May 18th, 2009 at 03:53 pm

We did really well at the garage sale this last Saturday. We found a wagon sans handle for free that we can jury rig a handle for the kids to enjoy. We bought 2 doors for $5 each and now there is a door on my bedroom and will soon be one on our upstairs bathroom. i have had those doors measured and looked at by professionals. They are a special size (read that old house) and cost a mint. All DH had to do was saw off a small pice at the bottom of each door. At the same place I bought jeans for DS2 2 pr for 75 cents and a dresser for him for $5.00. By now th ecar was pretty full but that didn't stop us. I got a set of pictorial history books of the US for 3.00 that DS2 loves, and the kids bought a couple toys for themselves with allowances. DH got some toy cars for geocaching (10 or so for $1) that are in great shape. I got a copy of a frames Biblical ABC for DD2 for $1.00. DS2 has one that his aunt gave him that cost her quite a bit more.
All in all a great day of finds. To top it off we made one more stop where I found the item of my dreams. A working spinning wheel for $75.00. I got it for $60.00. It is something I have always wanted and sells for quite a bit more. Now to learn to spin!

garage sale

May 14th, 2009 at 04:25 pm

This Saturday is the annual community garage sale and I can hardly wait. I feel like I've been having a chronic case of cabin fever for weeks. I am planning to be very careful tho since I would really like to pay off everything we owe with the exception of the house and car. The thought of paying them off right now is overwhelming. I hope to pay off the credit bill and then we'll see about the car. I have been pretty good this month about putting money on the bill from Florida. It will be finished next month without a problem. Then we will owe 2 cards. Plus the one I use for incidental purchases. Wish I had a paypal card to use for that since I have money in my account.

Garage Sale find

May 2nd, 2009 at 06:18 pm

We are a Karate family. In order to practice we have been considering a piece of equipment that costs around 200. We keep putting it off because of the price. Today we found one at a garage sale for only 20 dollars. We are thrilled! We got a couple other cool deals too, but didn't over spend. Two weeks to the community wide one we love. I hope to pick up a bike for DD2 there. I got a check for some ebay stuff and promptly sent the money to the credit card. I am being good! I knew the check was coming so I didn't worry about spending a few extra hundred when we were there. My plan is to pay it off this month or at latest next month. Our next trip East is just to pick up kids and bring them home. When we return them we will be taking the "scenic route" and that will cost a little more but not too much. We will be able to pay cash. So by the end of summer we will have only the "big " credit card bill. As soon as it is paid I plan on paying more on the car. I am a bit worried since they are talking about making the employees take vacation every month (like a week) till the end of the year and that means without pay for us. It will cut our income by 25% after August when we run out of vacation and may mean we have to cancel out trip East. The good news is that if they cut the practice out then we will have learned to live on less.

i need to pay off some bills.

May 2nd, 2009 at 12:59 am

I am trying to do cash only to get in the habit and then cut the amount we spend. My DH has a good job but we have lots of bills. I want to pay off the credit cards and then go to the car. The emergency fund needs a boost too. So discouraging. Wish we could move closer to the kids in the East. Ah well time will tell. We got bad news today. No bonus. We were hoping to pay down the major credit card bill with that. So we will pay off the small ones first and then get to the others. At least our last trip East was planned enough so that we didn't get any further in debt. I need to start writing down what (or how much) I spend and how I conserve funds and save so that I can encourage myself. Maybe I'll start a blog!