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long day

August 24th, 2007 at 10:46 pm

We had an appointment with our youngest's ortho today. big brother went along and was an invaluable help. He let the doctor manipulate his leg so our little one not only wasn't afraid but couldn't wait for her "turn". He did that at the place we went for her thumb brace too. Couldn't at the casting place for the brace but stuck close to reassure and watch. I was so proud of him. The receptionist at the brace place told us that she was adopted as well which was cool to hear. Our little one is talking up a storm right now. It is fun to see her bloom. She is so attached right now that if I get out of the car to run in while her Dad stays she cries for me. I have to be gone for a couple hours tonight and three of the family aren't looking forward to it!!!


August 19th, 2007 at 02:12 am

That was my gas bill last month!! I was pleased of course but now have a problem. My bank won't cut a check for under $1.00. So I guess I overpay them or else try to figure out where they are and go pay in person. I will look back at this fondly when it is January or February I am sure.


August 19th, 2007 at 02:11 am

I've had kids become a sibling by the advent of a baby and now by the addition of another toddler. Baby is easier! Then they vie for Mommy's attention but when the child is already able to walk and reach they vie for the toys as well. DS2 is trying he really is but it is hard now that everything is shared. Today was a good day as was yesterday so maybe we are on the upswing. I am trying to appeal to his "I'm older I get to do more things" concept a bit more. She however is now bonded enough that if he is in my lap she wants to be there as well. Maybe it's a good thing I haven't lost that extra 40 pounds!!

Owl Eyes

August 17th, 2007 at 01:52 am

My DS2 ran a car under his kid sized stove and went for another one. I told him to get that one out and asked if he could see it. He said no I don't have "owl eyes". When I stopped laughing I got him a flashlight.
He misbehavied and I took his favorite toy ransom because of it. He asked me for another chance. He'd had two already so I said no.. He told me but we are supposed to forgive. I was delighted he knew that but quickly added the rest of the lesson, forgiveness doesn't mean we don't pay the consequences of our actions. He didnt' like that. I love seeing his mind work.

Time Off

August 15th, 2007 at 09:06 pm

Not vacation time but time when I couldn't access the internet. I was using a "tether" to connect my phone to my computer and get online that way. It meant where ever I was there was the internet. Now I am not internet happy enough to want that but my DH used it so he could dial in when on call anywhere in the state the pager would go off. Thus he could geocache even more! The other perk was that it was half the price of the local cable company. DH insisted on getting another phone so I wouldn't be without when he had it out and about, which cost us about $170 less a 100 dollar rebate. It also cost 10 bucks a month to add a phone to our account. So all was well for a whole week. WE cancelled our cable internet and were congratulating ourselves on getting a better deal (we'd have to keep it four months to make the money back on the phone but no big deal) Then week two dawned and we couldn't connect. We had purchased another computer in the meantime so figured it was our fault. I set up the old one upstairs and still couldn't get online. Then we discovered DH's laptop no longer could access work through the tether. WE returned to our local dealer to discover that no one in the midwest can tether right now and it may not be fixed for 3 weeks (or so) They reassured me that it was a priority for my cell phone carrier to fix the problem. In the meantime we couldn't get to our bank (money) or anything. So we returned the phone (credit still hasn't shown up, why does it take so long to see a credit when they take my money right away!) and we requested a return of th emoney we'd spent to tether. They gave everything back except the charge to add another phone line. Lesson learned and we went back to the cable company for a quick start kit, after all it had only been 2 weeks since we were with them. Two kits later (they thought it might be the modem having a problem) and several days I was again tearing my hair out. No wonder I'm grey (ok, not right now but that's beside the point) It took so long that they sent someone out twice, the first guy went to south instead of north and couldn't dial a phone right. and credited me with a month and gave me a cheaper rate for two months. While I appreciate it I am just glad to be able to check my account daily again. It was scary cause I had written a big check for the roof and wasn't sure what was left!

Waking Up Early

August 4th, 2007 at 04:59 pm

This was a wonderful morning. I woke up with two kids in the house again. We have to return one a bit later today but we get her back for good on Monday. This morning the first thing my DS2 said was, "Mommy, I don't want to return her today, can't we keep her?
I know just how he feels!

Another goal update!

August 4th, 2007 at 04:57 pm

I decided it was time to see what goals are still to go this year. I will do the same things I did last time, copy the last blog and delete what has been done to see where we still need to go.

4. Pay off the medical bills from January 2006 (that will take alot.) Right now we pay 50 a month on 4 bills. At this rate if I add what I was paying to the next payment I will accomplish this.

(Still have these, but am working steadily on them)

Concrete Health

2. Continue to only have one can of soda a week and several bottles of water a day

I am closer to this than I was so I'll keep going.

5. Lose weight, about 40 #

7. Walk somewhere every week increasing to 3 times a week.

I have done this sometimes and expect to do more now that we have a little one who needs the exercise.

Concrete Personal:

4. Lose weight (40 # or so)Figured it was worth repeating!!

7. Become more organized and efficient.

Concrete Parenting:

2. Help DS2 learn to share better and be polite.

4. Have a more organized plan with more variety in his school work

5. Instill a love for nature and God's creation in our children.

6. Teach them good nutrician habits and exercise.

7. Teach them good money management skills.

Concrete goals House:

1. Make all curtains for the house

3. Decorate walls upstairs

5. Make the yard and driveway less of a swamp.

6. Put up a backyard play set.

It is in the driveway, just need to move the rest of the sod.

7. Fence the backyard so the dog can run free. Probably not till next year but we are considering an electric fence.

Now for the wish list!!!

3. Make everything fresh or from scratch

4. Sew something for each person on my Christmas list. (In Progress)

5. Finish my thesis and last course and get my Masters of Divinity. (In Progress)

6. Go on a family missions trip. (Have to wait until youngest child is 6)

7. Keep the house neat and clean. (No Comment)