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Travel Bugs

January 9th, 2007 at 05:07 am

My DH has been looking up lots of "caches" along our travels and we all went along for the ride on Saturday. We pulled into a tiny park and a police car was just leaving. He flagged us down and when we pulled up to his window told us the park was closed for the season. I was amazed to hear my law abiding DH say "Can I go in anyway?" from the look on the policemans face I was not the only one surprised. He quietly explained that he wanted to look up a cache. After a short explaination of what the heck we were talking about I guess he decided we were harmless cause he let us go look. About 15 minutes later DH came back up the hill covered in mud with a happy grin. Seems there was this women who didn't like her husbands watch so she attached a travel bug ot it and put it in a cache in PA and asked that it be removed to another far away place. We are taking it to WI.
A travel bug is a dog tag that you put in a cache and someone picks it and moves it to another one. Some of them have specific requests or destinations in mind. We picked up one in WI that wanted to get to NC Cool, we could do that. Along the way it wanted pictures of diabetics having fun. We took a picture of two nieces that are juvenile diabetics making ice cream with a ball. Another wanted to be pictured with fire stations. We took a picture of it with a grocery store shopping cart shaped like a fire truck and standing beside th estate fire memorial in WI. It is a clifford toy attached to the bug. We are going to a Fire Hall tomorrow. The other one is a pirate who wants to get to Spain. We are taking it to the East Coast area which is th ebest we can do. We've decided to get a couple of our own. Maybe I should get one and have people taking its picture with ways to save money!!! I could attach a penny to it!

I created a monster!

January 2nd, 2007 at 04:12 am

For Christmas this year I gave DH a GPS unit. He had expressed an interest in going geocaching and was drooling over the units. I found one that was an acceptable price that seemed to have all the bells and whistles one could desire and the ability to be updated. Little did I know how consuming a hobby this can be. He took our loaner son out while he was here and they walked around the neighborhood finding secret hiding places. We first had to go get little "things" to replace whatever little thing he took out of the cache. He came home elated that he had found a "bug" This bug wanted to go west and we are going east so he returned it to a cache in the local area slightly west of where he found it. Today we took loaner son to the capitol to catch a bus and lo an dbehold he had found online 4 location of a cache. We came home with 3 different bugs that we are going to take to the east and hopefully deposit in a cache somewhere there. He is hoping to take the pirate one that wants to get to Spain to NC and have one of our GS help him deposit it in a local park. One of them needs its picture taken with local fire trucks and originated in PA three or 4 years ago so it will either be left here in one or taken to another state along the way. We also had to order 4 bugs of our own to start on their way. One is going to be a homeschooling bug. It really is a cute idea but I don't think I have that much time! Some people give coordinates of three or more places and the cache is in the center of them. Beats video games though!