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Humidity, irritabile toddler, tired hubby, looming long trip

May 28th, 2006 at 08:14 pm

If it sounds like this is to be a complaint entry, you got it. I won't be insulted if you ignore it and go to someone's blog who is in a better mood. I just spent a couple hours trying to get my two year old to hold still long enough to fall asleep. This is after church where he acted so tired he could hardly stay upright and then fell alseep on the 15 minutes trip home. 2 and 1/2 hours of fussy kid, in humid weather is awful!! i am not however willing to give up since if I do he will think he can get his own way all the time. I can't let that happen. Now he is finally asleep and it is time fo rhim to get up. If I wake him he'll be cranky. If I don't he won't be tired to go to sleep at bedtime. Oh well at least he should be wide awake fo revening church.
In addition, we are T minus 2 1/2 days to his first airplane ride to Florida. I am not looking forward to the trip believe me. Several days in a hotel room with a 2 year old. The last couple days shouldn't be half bad since there will be two parents and we are going to see dolphins, rockets and maybe water. The first several it's me, a toddler and an outdoor pool. That means if it rains I am in big trouble. DH has a convention and I tried really hard to convince him to let us stay home to save money but MIL got wind of it and paid for our tickets. Since his is courtesy of the company as is the hotel room and car except for the last two days my we can't afford it argument went flat. I'm sure I would hate to stay home without him but I'm not sure going with him will be alot of fun. Oh well, guess fun is not the point of life is it!

We feel Terrible

May 24th, 2006 at 08:42 pm

I got a phone call from the sheep and dog owner (see last entry) to check on how our little one's face is doing. She was in tears and explained that they had decided to have the dog destroyed. We are heartbroken for them. There are 3 or 4 kids who love that dog and don't understand. She told me they are afraid that they don't know thedog as well as they thought they did and really feel it must have him put down for safety in the future. while we understand and probably would do the same ourselves we hurt for them. they are afraid if I hadn't reacted as quickly as I did the damage would have been worse (it was awfully close to his eye) and they may be right. We are praying for their comfort and that the kids understand.

Sheep shearing

May 23rd, 2006 at 01:21 am

Have you ever seen a sheep sheared? The lady that runs my fiber arts group has sheep and she agreed to let our little one watch them get sheared. WE were thrilled and dutifully kept him up past nap to see this event. As we waited for the shearer (he works for the same company my DH does and as a systems analyst too we found out, small world!!)Anyway we were shown th enew chicks and old chickens and then DS2 requested to see the dog. I met this dog about a year ago, not friendly but OK. The man who owned him said he jumps and reached to hold him down at that moment he chose to not jump, instead he took my little on's face in his mouth. Needless to say DS2 screamed I swung him out of the way and into my arms (I was holding his hand at the time. I thought emergency medicine did things for your adrenaline,... it's got nothing on this. The dog didn't do any permanent damage, no puncture wounds just some scrapes from chin to temple. He is used to older kids that play rough and wear gloves so I am sure it wasn't done with intent to damage, my little one accepted the he plays rough explanation (after Mom calmed him down, cleaned cuts, kissed them better and prayed over them) He even asked to see him again. (I told him we didn't have time) Needless to say the owners felt awful. Shots were up to date and no harm done but to my nerves.

Disadvantages of a good memory

May 23rd, 2006 at 01:12 am

When my DH and I first embarked on the adventure of adoption we were warned that it taeks years for the children to feel "really secure" WE were told about a child who 18 months (almost to the day of arrival at his adoptive parents house) packed his bags because that was the longest he'd ever stayed anywhere. I thought that adopting a 1 year old would prevent our going through that. Boy was I wrong!!!! My MIL came to see her grandson last month. I hadn't even considered that there would be a problem although we had realized that it has been about a year we have been his parents. After enduring a screaming session the likes of which I have never seen (nor want to again) he asked me to send Grandma home and said he'd be good. I was confused until he asked me to stay with him. I still couldn't believe a little one could imagine that we would give him up until the next day when I told him we were taking Grandma to the dock so she could catch the boat home (she had decided to leave early when we realized he was upset) and he said, "I have go too? I want stay wif Mommy and Daddy, I be good." It broke our hearts. We held him and explained that we are his parents and he didnt' have to go with Grandma. He has been his usual sunny self since.

Why Stubborn

May 14th, 2006 at 01:58 pm

Actually I'm not asking why my DS2 is stubborn I understand it is because he is 2 I am saying that the Why stage accompanied by the stubborn stage is very frustrating for Mom and Dad. I am determined to win the battles as well as the war though because I do not want a house ruled by a teenager in a few years. It means he spends many more minutes than I would like on the time out chair. We encourage questions but it is interesting to come up with answers for the 5th why in a row sometimes! Right now Grandma is visiting and we cringe sometimes when he is playing and tells his toys they are naughty and need a time out. Needless to say she would rather spoil him. If any of you want to see a picture of our little one, just look up obstinate in the dictionary, I'm sure a picture is in there!

and so on

May 10th, 2006 at 02:15 pm

MIL day is three days away and my to do list keeps getting bigger. I bought a copy of a magazine my Mom used to read (we all dived for it when it came) Not sure if I can give the name here or not so won't. It got me thinking alot about what I want in a house someday. Someday better happen soon since I am getting up there! I really want to go to alternative type housing that is more "earth friendly" Or at least convert whatever we get to be that way.
I sent my DDil and my DD a small mothers day gift to thank them for being the mother of my grandchildren. I probably sent the wrong thing but I do try. It's hard to be so far away but at least I have that excuse. I'd hate to be giving the wrong thing if I lived in the same town!
We are going to Florida at the end fo this month. DH has a seminar there he has to attend and he insisted (yes he really had to insist!) that we both go along. We are going to see my niece that lives there whom I haven't seen in 3 1/2 years and my sister whom I haven't seen in 4 years. We don't plan on doing the "usual" big parks since I don't want to take anyone who isn't old enough to remember (it's a once in a lifetime expense) having been there without pictures! We are going to go to the space center and the "big fish park" though. I am not really looking forward to amusing a 2 3/4 year old in a hotel for three days while Dad goes to class. His meals are at the convention so we won't even get to see him when we eat our PB&J that I am packing in an extra suitcase. Guess our community helper will be airport people for that week. We do a different one a week. This week we visited an ambulance and talked to a paramedic (I was one.) Last week we met the local Chief of police and an officer. We're writing our own book. It's fun.
Anyone who lives in Orlando have any suggestions for cheap stuff to do?


May 3rd, 2006 at 02:53 pm

Last month I paid what I thought was the last payment to the hospital on my DH broken wrist (it only took 2 years!) I paid the usual payment because they had agreed to credit my account (should take forever to pay that one off!) with the rest. Instead I receive a check from them. Of course I got a letter complaining that I hadn't paid anything on my account that month. I called and the girl said she decided not to credit my account with the balance but that any future payments would be credited to my account instead of being sent back. I opened an emmigrant account and am awaiting the letter confirming it so I can figure out how to give ing referrals. , and apply for the "refund" through SA site. I hope I did everything right.

10 days!

May 3rd, 2006 at 02:49 pm

i've been waiting for spring cleaning inspiration to hit. In this state spring seems to be a state of mind, not a state of the weather. It hit this morning. My mother in law called, she'll be here in 10 days for a visit of indeterminate length. OK, How many things can I get done by then!!!!

I'm awake

May 2nd, 2006 at 06:13 am

And I don't want to be. In way too few hours a little tiny voice will call out my name (Mommy) and my day will be off and running. Unfortunately the day I am talking about is the one I am currently awake in. It is after 1 A.M. here and I am not asleep. That is very very bad. Instead of peaceful rest I am on a web site blogging. I was hoping being on the computer would provide enough distraction that I would get sleepy. Instead I'm just more frustrated by my inability to sleep, perchance to survive tomorrow - Is that how that goes?