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February 27th, 2008 at 07:29 pm

It has been busy around here getting ready for our two grandchildren to spend the next 9 months. Their Mom will be going to Iraq as a civilian to work on vehicles. They are hoping this will get them out of debt. An extreme way to do but it works. We are excited to have the youngest children here. They are 4 and 2 and my two are 4 and 3. It will rock around the clock here I am sure! We have been making plans for fun things to do, homeschooling materials, and trips to take. We are going to keep them too busy to miss their parents too badly (yeah right) We're at least going to try. We are also getting ready to finalize our second adoption. 9 more days to go. till the finalization and th etrip down to get the kids. We are stopping off on the way to see my family in PA and our daughter in NC and her family. We are waiting to see when their Dad gets leave so he can come see them. Hopefully their Mom will get leave at the same time and they can both come here.

Math U See

February 15th, 2008 at 09:00 pm

I just bought the math program I am going to go with for the next year or so. i will have two 4s (turn to 5s in late summer) and i think it will be a good program to make concepts memorable. I also like that the songs come in two versions, Bible based and kids songs. I am sometime challenged to use the Bible in Math (you can count only so many arks) and am delighted that they did it this way. The 2 and 3 yr old will learn the songs and be further ahead too. This system goes into Algebra, geometry and precalc. They also have a stewardship program that i think is really important. Hopefully it will be a good system for us.

Maybe it is Turbo!

February 15th, 2008 at 04:47 pm

I was amazed to find my state taxes were already deposited into our account. That's less than a week.!

Taxes done

February 12th, 2008 at 01:00 am

We debated on how to do taxes this year. Fro the last two years we have use a service because we had a special deduction that has now run out. So we considered how to file this year. Thought about snail mail for about 10 seconds. Didn't qualify for free file through the site.Looked at the HR Block online file and actually went through most of it until they tried to tell me I owed 500 more for the state than I had found when I did it on paper. I used their nifty live help and the girl asked me if I had called the state. Why would I the paper tax tables said one thing it was her program that was faulty. I left the site very disatisfied and bought Turbo tax. I was disgusted to find that after I paid 45 for the program I still had to pay another fee to file state and federal. Ah well I paid and hope to get my tax money in the next week or so. Just in time to clear some of the debt before we head south. I am hoping to get the tax rebate later as well. That will be another 1500 towards the debt. I have high hopes that we will be once again debt free by summer. This time I intend to stay that way.

Adoption Day is coming

February 11th, 2008 at 07:21 pm

We filed paperwork with the court today and a date for finalization has been set. Our DD2 will be official on my birthday.


February 11th, 2008 at 07:18 pm

My DIL is going to Iraq. She told the kids (who will come to live with me) that i twas to help their Dad and they agreed that they couldn't leave Daddy over their without any help. The 4 year old made her promise that when he is old enough he can go over and get rid of the "bad guys" once and for all so nobody else's Mommy or Daddy have to leave them. She has a civilian job for a year. It isn't the easiest way to get out of debt, 12 hours a day 7 days a week but it will do it for them and then they can hopefully buy a house. In the meantime Nana and Morfar get to have two more little ones. The older ones are staying with friends in the area. The plan is to keep them so busy they don't miss Mom and Dad too much (yeah right)


February 4th, 2008 at 01:50 pm

We are all sick, but the kids seem to be hit the lightest Thank God. DH is short of breath and weak even with the meds. He is also congested and coughing. I am weak, congested and coughing. I am keeping on because I have to with the kids. I am even doing some declutter in light of the company we are expecting later. First i have to make it to the store today, wish we had a drivethru grocery store!!

I'm done

February 3rd, 2008 at 09:47 pm

I can't risk collapse with two little ones around that count on me. I was so weak I could hardly carry them upstairs and I don't think it was just the fever. So I gave up the raw diet and went to my own. I am down 11 lbs so far so I don't think I did too bad. I am still eating healthy. I am still eating very little, so I guess it will do OK. I hope so anyway. I'm not very hungry with this cough thing going on so that helps.

Diet doing better

February 1st, 2008 at 02:06 pm

But I'm not, I lost 2 more pounds which brings the total up to 9 #s. Had kids sick for the last 2 days, running fevers and stuffy. now I feel lousy and i'm not sure it was from that or from the crash diet I'm on. DH has lost 13 Lbs.

Tax time

February 1st, 2008 at 02:01 pm

Looked at doing taxes last night. I believe we will get a couple K back which will pay for our trip east coming up later this month. If my DH gets a bonus we have a chance of once again becoming debt free. Then we will build up the EF again. It was frustrating to be so far ahead and then lose it but we needed to help out. No regrets except that we didn't start soon enough to have an EF large enough to handle it. Then we would have saved the interest. Next years taxes will be better. DH is going to change the deduction so we don't owe anything and pay very little, then all we get back is the credits we will be entitled too and the IRS doesn't get a free loan.