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ON track

October 27th, 2010 at 07:04 pm

Writing things down seemed to help me get back on track. I have written down (roughly) how much we owe (big number) But this month (November) will be the second month in a row I have paid off one credit card. Next month a third will add to the paid off list. The last 3 will take alot longer! I am debating if I want to consider a 5 year consolidation loan or just do this myself. I think it would be better for our credit if I do it myself. It means some sacrifices I don't want to make (not traveling to see kids for awhile) but we have to get going on debt. My DH has applied for a transfer and there is no way we can afford to move if I don't get this cleared up without racking up more debt on a card. If this goes as planned I will have only 2 cards to pay off in 6 months (May 2011) I am going to try to find ways of saving money to build up the saving while we do this. I am paying an extra 500 a month on the credit card "du jour" every month to accomplish this and minimum on the big one and a 100 on the other (s). It would be easier if we didn't have to take short weekend trips every month (hotels and gas eat it up) However we'll make it. I just worry if this house doesn't sell (needs alot of work) when and if the transfer comes thru. I'm trusting the Lord to work things out on that. If he provides the transfer (which in the long run would save a mint) then he'll figure out the house thing.


October 7th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Last year we rented a piano. We had planned on buying it when the year was up. The year is now officially up and we are returning it. I have enough day to day stuff to yell at my kids about without having to add practicing the piano. It was an expensive experiment. I spent $400.00 to find out they are not going to practice unless I make them. I'd rather find a free piano on freecycle for that. So now that the piano is going to be out of the way I think I will make that room it is in into something useable instead of a clutter room. I feel guilty to have a room that I don't have to use for something especially since it has an attached bath. I know many other people who have not enough space. Now to decide what to turn the room into. No one visits so don't need a guest room. Was thinking of a sewing/craft room or I could move the schoolroom downstairs and make that area something else but I just decorated it and really don't want to change. Can't move our bedroom downstairs, might not hear the kids if they need me in the night (and they usually do) This is a really fun "problem" to have.


October 4th, 2010 at 09:21 pm

I have been thinking of the idea of spending 30 minutes a day decluttering and 30 minutes a day cleaning a room. i tend to pick big projects rather than little bites then rest on my laurels for way too long. Maybe this would work better.
I have also been thinking of remodeling the bathroom downstairs on my own. Not sure I am up to it but you never know. Certainly can't afford to hire someone to do it!

Back Again

October 4th, 2010 at 09:16 pm

Somehow I never seem to be real consistent with this blog. Lack of consistency is the story of my life!! i have been feeling guilty lately for all the time I don't spend cleaning. We recently had the chance to host an evangelist and chose to take him out. Well that isn't the only reason, being vegetarians we rarely invite people over to eat. There is no way I am going to invite someone over right now for anything. With DH still in recovery mode I just can't seem to get inspired to clean like I should. Not inspired to lose the weight like I should either. I am inspired to save tho! I am trying a method of paying off one credit card while making a bit above minimum on the others. As they get paid off I will add what I was paying to the next one. Should get us out of debt except for the house and car in a couple years. In the meantime I am trying to plan a trip across Route 66 and a couple visits to see grandkids and our great grandkid. Doctor's bills are slowly getting paid as well. As that goes away we have a bit more breathing room in our budget which makes it easier to stick with the credit pay back program.
I have always said that I want to move (and I do) because it is a 2 day drive to see family. i have lately been realizing how blessed we are to have a job where DH boss is understanding of his medical needs and where the mortgage isn't astronomical. I think I will start enjoying this house as much as I am sad to be so very far away from the kids.