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June 30th, 2007 at 04:38 pm

Getting a contractor is a real trial right now. We are 3 weeks later than everyone else and the really good ones are no longer taking new customers. I did have one smaller company come out and give an estimate. We got the check from the insurance company and the list of what needs to be done. The first hurdle is that the check is made out to the mortgage company and me the next hurdle is figuring out what really needs done. I just had the garage roof put on and refuse to believe it needs to be torn off and redone. I mean it was finished a week before the hail storm. The house roof is 2 years old but I am afraid to risk not having it done. The siding needs to be repaired in several places but they want me to redo two sides entirely. Great then my house can be two different colors!! The people that gave me a bid said they would take the good siding off of the back and use it to fill in where it is needed on the sides that "show" and then reside the back as closely as they can to the rest of the color. I guess we can paint vinal siding someday! Right now it looks like we will be spending about half the check they gave us on work that needs to be done. The other half will be ours to use. We are considering using it to fund an overseas adoption. It wouldn't cover all of it but it would make it possible.
On the home front my DH is still sick, this makes about 6 weeks.

Next room

June 28th, 2007 at 07:48 pm

I started what will be our bedroom today. I probably should have waited until I was done cleaning the accumulation of stuff form our trip that was still here when we got back but wanted (needed) to do something positive. I decided since the other room I did didn't need primer, this one wouldn't Bad mistake. The color I picked out is not going to go on without 3 coats so I have to primer th eother walls. Then we realized neither of us liked the color for the wall. I was doing one wall in cranberry (we do live in WIsconsin) and the others in beige when we decided that the expense of changing th ecolor was well worth it. I went with a nice forest green this time. I have primer on 3 walls and have to wait for it to dry to apply more. Today has been rough. Maybe I should have just cleaned!! So far this room has cost me $110.00 and I haven't decided what to do about the window and door trim or the door for that matter (their isn't one!) We really hope to fix this up and rent it out but I am getting bogged down. I am probably just tired form the month away.

Hail Hail the damages is all here!

June 27th, 2007 at 02:26 am

While we were away there was a hail storm. I didn't think anything about it even though we were told the hail was as big as softballs. after all our car was 3000 miles away so was safe. This morning our neighbor approached me and said we should call the insurance person anyway because you can't tell what may have happened to the roof. I called since we had just put the garage roof on and the house was only a couple years old (roof) It seems that somewhere there was 13,000 dollars worth fo damage done!! I can't wait to see the list of what we need to do!! The good news is that this is an act of God and won't count against us insurance rates wise. I am amazed at the amount of signs on lawns advertising roof repair. This storm must have been intense. Some lady stuck her head out the window (the better to see the hail I guess) and had to go get stitches. The estimate will be here shortly. Hope it doesn't leave me with two different colors of siding on my house or I may have to talk to my company about that!!

Home at last

June 25th, 2007 at 05:12 pm

We are home. It is a relief. I loved being there and taking care of everyone but it is good to be home. My DS2 hasn't had a hissy since we left (daily or more occurence there) and the kitten became a cat while we were gone. I left the house a mess because we had to leave in a hurry and came home to a mess, but I will get it kicked this week. I have lots of mail to go through so that is my next project, have to find th ebills and see if they need to be paid!!!

Expensive trip

June 10th, 2007 at 12:04 pm

Being in GA will probably wipe out our little EF but at least my DIL seems to be getting better. I am hoping to recover form this quickly. The extra expenses astound me. Feeding a family of this many gets expensive even with cheap meals. Thank god we can do this though and be comfortable in the knowledge that it won't take long to recover.


June 5th, 2007 at 11:11 am

That one armed paper hanger has nothing on me!!! Our little one (almost 2) has been sick, major fever and nausea vomiting. Meant for some low sleep nights but she is finally on th emend and able to play while I type. Last 3 mornings we have spent several hours (did I say mornings guess thats right if it is after midnight)cuddling while I prayed her fever didn't go high enough to cause a seizure and that the tylenol/motrin would work soon. Makes for a tired Nana but nothing beat the feeling of picking her up (after 6 am!!!!) this morning and not feeling like my hands were in the oven!! Now if we can just make sure the other 2 kids don't get this. My DIL went back to the ER last night, meds are making her really sick. My DS1 is off to school for 2 weeks. We can visit for an hour a couple times a week so we have to figure out how to make her comfortable for a 30 mile car ride. Yesterday afternoon she felt well enough to go to Walmart for a hair cut so we are improving somewhat. I keep trying to make sure she doesn't overdue. Oh well it has ben nice to sit at the keyboard for a few but it is now time to make breakfast for the horde. right now my 1 yr old GD is sitting on the floor at my feet holding a rubber lizard out and saying growl growl growl as she wiggles it. Life is good!!!
I did have a really bad weekend though. We were supposed to go see our other GKs baptism and had to miss because everyone was so sick. I was really afraid to infect their whole church but really really disappointed we had to miss.


June 1st, 2007 at 01:15 pm

The Saga Continues!!
Second surgery down and the leg is casted with a temporary one that weighs a ton. Not sure it is better than before but at least it has no outside screws and bars so it looks less painful. From the amount of pain killer they gave her though I can imagine that it is actually more painful. she was delighted to be able to do her daughters hair and clothes this morning as long as I fetched the stuff. I am glad to be a gofer for my DIL. Her kids are delighted to have her home. This weekend they are finishing everything at the old house so it can be inspected. We are going to our other grandkids baptism (I hope) My DH is really sick I don't know if he can stand the car ride. I am trying to send him to the ER this morning but he is being stubborn.