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March 8th, 2008 at 09:13 pm

We are on the road,left at lunchtime yesterday after finalizing our youngest's adoption. We got pretty far yesterday, below the windy city anyway. That includes an hour and half stop at a curriculum fair for home schoolers where I enjoyed having some hands on with stuff I had been reading about. I picked a phonics curriculum for my older two (age 4) because they can both work out of it even if it is in different workbooks. I also found a reading comprehension book to challenge my 4 year old. I found copies of several of the biographies I have been searching for to read to my 4 home schoolers and was delighted to do so. the funny part is that the lady who was displaying them lives within a half hour drive from us in WI. I am looking forward to getting more of those books after we get home. We drove as far as south Bend and then settled two kids and two dogs for the night. This morning started early, DD2 was up at 4:19 WI time and never went back to bed. Of course it woke up DS2. So we were on the road before 6 AM. We drove as far as we could and then had to stop because of the bad storm that was predicted. It wasn't a dream of some weatherman. It is several inches of white cold vision disrupting road blocking trip destroying mess. We are stuck here till Monday. I am sure Sandusky is a nice place to visit however I wanted to be in PA by now. My family was planning a nice lunch tomorrow which had been canceled. We were then going to NC to see my DD1 and may have to cancel that as well. In all fairness it isn't just the storm, our car has started hesitating every so often and we are concerned. I am hoping it is due to an accumulation of snow. It could signal the abrupt end of our transmission. We are taking it to the dealer on Monday. They were closed due to snow today. We will see what they have to say. We will get to see DD1 at some point this trip. It may be after we pick up the grandkids though. Depends on how long the car is tied up. Ah well, we have a room, (there are others stranded when the road was closed), we have food(snacks for the road are plentiful at the beginning of the trip), so that makes 4 walls that are closing in rapidly, two kids ages 4 and 3, two large dogs and one husband who want sto take a nap. Good thing he has a hearing problem!! The hotel even has an indoor pool. I didn't bring swimsuits but maybe walmart when the snow clears tomorrow. or if?

Test and bragging.

March 6th, 2008 at 07:18 pm

I tried to put a picture on my blog but it isn't working. Or at least it didn't work on th eold entries. This is a trial entry to see if it works on future ones. My picture is of me with my oldest who is in Iraq. As I type my youngest son is also typing. Here is his work, letter for letter.
yanai and honey both kissed me at the same time.
and they noced me down.
and the cat is tacen uwae until we get bac.
Translation is Yanai and Honey (our big dogs) both kissed me at the same time. and they knocked me down. and the cat is taken away until we get back. Not bad for a 4 year old. I helped with the ow in down and encouraged the use of the space bar. The cat went to a friend for the duration of the trip.


March 6th, 2008 at 06:53 pm

Didn't blog when the Federal taxes were deposited (I was too busy sending them to bills) but it took less than 2 weeks for us to get our money. It is of course gone but that's ok, we owe less now. On the other side we had a plumber in so the money I had saved for DS2 bed is now gone but that's ok. His new bed is a bunk and he slept in it for the first time last night and loves it. It looks like an army bunk complete with toy box engine. I'll try to attach a picture. WE live next to the owner of th estore so we got a big discount. It is so cool. I figure it will last him a lifetime, cause if he ever gets too old for army cloth that can come off and he'll have a hunter green set of bunks.

No more loan

March 6th, 2008 at 06:42 pm

I logged onto my bank account and almost fell over. It was about 3 hundred more than I expected. That is too much for a raise and too little for his bonus (both of which are due soon)so I asked him what was up. He said he changed the deductible since we are adopting in the morning. this way Uncle Sam won't get a big loan from us. I am going to try to "lose the extra" by hiding it in another account like the emergency fund when we get back. I am really trying t make sure we don't over spend on this trip East the way we usually do even though it is longer. When we get back we will have the "gift" from Uncle Sam to look forward to and his raise plus a couple other things in our mail. It might be enough to pay off the credit cards completely. That would make me extremely happy!