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DS Party He's 5!!

July 21st, 2008 at 01:01 pm

Yesterday I was writing about the birthday party we had for my DS2 and computer shut down on the last couple sentences! Frustrating! Sooooooooooo here we go again. He is turning 5 on Saturday but we will be on the road so we had the party early. He picked the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" from Veggie Tales for a theme. I ordered a cake topper from ebay a couple months ago and it worked pretty well. We also had cheese curls (the pirates favorite food) pizza, ice cream and chocolate milk. For the treats to go home I found treasure chests at the dollar store to unfold and make. They were 6 for a dollar. In them I put a top, car, couple little tootsie rolls, some fake coins and stickers. When the kids got here they put their name on a card and every time they did an activity they earned a pirate sticker. When they had 10 they earned their treasure. We made "hats " actually visors, (dollar store 3/$1 and foam stickers from there too), took newspaper crumpled it and used masking tape to make "rock monsters" (the parents got to help and had a blast) Then we went outside and threw "coins" at containers. No one not even my DH was able to get a coin in. We only stood 3 feet away! The coins were about 3 inches across (8/$1) We helped each child into a paper grocery bag and then player pirate says (simon couldn't make it!) We use nautical words and the last command was overboard. While the kids were tossing my DH "kidnapped" one of the Moms and took her off to the castle. I armed her kid (s) with swords and off they went to rescue her! It was so cute to see the sword fights. We earned a medal for walking the "HERO highway" They had to go to 4 stations and collect a letter in the word. To earn an H they had to say their ABC's, E was count 1 to 20, R was walk the plank (balance beam), and O was scale the rigging (climbing rope ladder on jungle gym). We played Tic Tac Toes. I made boards on paper and x's and O's out of foam and they had to play with their toes. After that we put shoes back on and jumped off of the trampoline onto ............................... cheese curls. There is a song the pirate sing about never going to Boston in the fall. One of the lines is "I've never thrown my mashed potatoes up against the wall" You guessed it, none of these kids can ever sing that song again!! I made a wall out of a big piece of cardboard and cut a hole in it. my DH put his face in the hole and the kids took dairy queen spoons with mashed potatoes on them and flung em at him. Couple of the kids were pretty good at it! I made sure there was plenty, cooked up a big box of instant mashed potatoes. I am convinced that my DH is the best sport in the world! The kids had a blast and the clean up was minimal since we did the really messy things outside. It rained later to wash away my mashed potatoes and the chipmunks have been busy with the cheese curl crumbs. Lots of fun for not much money. You never know what is going to happen at my parties. My DD can't wait for her birthday in January. Wants horses as a them.....hmn what can I do with that!?