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Day 3

September 29th, 2006 at 08:37 pm

3 down and 1 to go. Tomorrow is half price day at the garage sale. Hopefully that will pull people in. We had a quiet day today but sold enough that i am happy (not ecstatic but at least content that my day wasn't wasted) The cool thing about today is that my DH came home for lunch and brought it with him!! The fun thing about the sale is that the money isn't earmarked for anything in particular. It will probably go towards our upcoming vacation but we'll see

Garage Sale day 2

September 28th, 2006 at 01:50 pm

OK, I wish someone would show up so I could justify how cold my house is! I am sitting where i can see the road and no one is coming. I have the connecting door open and let me tell you, it is cold in here. DS2 is in his warmest outfit and I am considering mittens for me!! Day 1 wasn't bad, in spite of only having it in the morning paper we made a couple hundred. Of course the computer is sold so I don't expect to sell that much over the rest of the sale. Saturday should hop, I made it half price day. I decided not to put the clothes out, I am going to take them to a shop that resells stuff and get store credit for it.
WE finally got XP working on the computer but it won't let me send from one of my email accounts. When I hit reply it blocks the "pop up" that tries to let me type. Ah well, we were going to give up that account anyway since DH work is paying for higher speed. We can't give it up until DH lets everyone know not to use that account for job offers, Hey maybe he'll get a email he needs to reply to and have to fix the problem!!!


September 28th, 2006 at 02:38 am

i can't believe i scheduled a garage sale two days before we leave on vacation. At least the sewing is done, now if I can get the knitting done. I wondered how I would have a sale and still keep a close eye on our DS2 (3 yr old) but it workded out really well. Admittedly nap time was easier. I even baked cookies today to take on the trip.
On our way to church today we stopped by the animal shelter. Wehn we get back we will be getting a dog, we can't stand it anymore. Our neighbors came to the sale to meet us and they have one, it is my favorite breed too. So we had to stop. My DH found one he is in love with. Really I should be jealous!! He was glowing asd he walked it around . It was huge (plus for both of us) and it was his favorite breed, a German Shepherd. 3 yr old male (we both want a female dog) and very friendly. The former owners spent time but not enouhgh. He sits on command if I look him in the eye when I say it but a leash is the great unnone. We are big enough and he is smart enough to learn but.... He is sweet and friendly. Didn't bark at any humans although he wasn't fond of seeing other dogs there. I have to say he was alert when we went in but was one fo three not barking. When youre that big I guess you don't have too!! I can tell there are a couple dogs an da cat in our future. I wish we knew if we were moving out of state first though.

t minus 7 or 8

September 24th, 2006 at 08:48 pm

A week from tomorrow we leave (or today depending on your time zone) we are traveling 16 hours with a 3 year old. He really is a greatat this but after 12 hours in th ecar we ar eall ready for a break. We hope to leave Monday after work and get a bunch of it done then finish on Tuesday and get a good nights sleep before we start site seeing. Between now and then I have to make a blanket, pack, hold a 4 day garage sale, help out at church with kids activities (after planning said activities of course) and of course do 5 days of lessons with DS2, hold playgroup (at same time as a garage sale) do laundry which we hang so I need ot make sure the things I want to pack are dry in time and that means 2 to 3 days hanging, an ddo th eusual stuff around the house like cook, clean, etc. Mind you I'm not complaining just feeling a litte whelmed. Meanwhile my DH is job hunting.
We hav edecided that we can't stand it any longer. when we get back form this vacation we are getting a dog. I have been dog less for two months and that is long enough for both of us.! We would love to find another golden but will probably go to the local shelter and get a "purebred Heinz" for those who aren't familiar, Heinz used to advertise 57 varieties and some of those dogs I've seen probably have that many!

Gearing Up

September 20th, 2006 at 03:24 pm

My DH seems to be gearing up for finding another job. Yesterday he got phone calls from two different companies (consulting type) in two different areas of the country. We still don't have our set of kids we are waiting for nor are any on the horizon. We are wondering if we would have a better chance if we move first and then reapply. The case study transfers. Both the jobs by the way will be more east than we are now. If any one knows of companies looking for "data wranglers" our there let me know! I believe his exact title is Senior Systems Analyst or some such thing. In th emeantime we are enjoying our scenery (not weather, it's cold!!) and getting more involved with the people at church. Wish we'd found this church when we first moved here!

sew sew sew

September 19th, 2006 at 02:40 am

I have fallen behind on my sewing and it is the 18th already. Tomorrow is already filled and so is part of the next day. This weekend had better give me some good sewing time or I will be hard pressed to get it done. We also have a large garage sale coming up the last week of this month that I am trying to get ready for. i hope to borrow tables, set them up and then just move them into position when the day arrives. I haven't figured out how to cope with life while the sale goes on but guess I will when the tiem comes.

The saga countinues

September 11th, 2006 at 01:59 pm

We live in a beautiful spot. It is close enough to a small city that we can shop (some) and my DH can get to work in under 20 minutes and it is in the country enough that we enjoy trees (I like raking leaves with a little one) and grass (DH mows) and all kinds of little animals to watch as well as a couple not so little ones (the bear was spotted near DH work not here) I forgot about the disadvantage of fall (my favorite season) I found evidence of mice in our house. I miss having a dog!!!! She never let anything like that around even when all she did was sleep 23/7. I dutifully bought and set traps, impressing my DH with knowing what to use as bait (pbutter)and where to set them. I left the counter undisturbed (good excuse for a pizza night) and waited to see what would happen. This morning I had two dead mice. At that point I informed my DH that disposal was his department. YUCK!!! I felt really bad, they only wanted what we want, warmth and a dry place to raise little ones. I could have spared the food. I liked it better whne th eanimals we kept made those decisions for me!! The traps are set in case they weren't alone (and mice rarely are)

Next comes again

September 10th, 2006 at 09:49 pm

My DH went to Promise Keepers this weekend along with a group from church. It was a wonderful experience for him but not so great for me. In addition to the somethings missing feeling I always get when we are apart, I discovered tha tour dryer (in which I was doing all the vacation laundry) no longer blew hot air and it takes alot of starts to dry clothes with cold air. So we spent a couple hours at the laundrymat today to catch up. I plan on washing everyday and line drying everything until we move somewhere. Washers cost 1.75 at the laundry mat and don't hold alot. Dryers are 25 cents for 8 1/2 minutes. It was a great lesson on electricity costs money for our DS but a horror for me. I spent 6.75 on three loads. At least pour electric bill will go down, we needed coats today so no more AC and no more dryer. In fact I am going to offer it at the garage sale were having at the end of the month as a fixer upper.
I am learning that God is soverign even when things go better for others than they do for us. As long as he's in charge I'm content to take wha the allows into our lives.

Ok, I will never agian say what next!!!

September 10th, 2006 at 09:42 pm

Waiting for us at home was a polite letter from the IRS telling us we had goofed two years ago and owe them more, alot more!!! We were just going to be able to put some away for the move/down payment when this came up. I expect to be paying it until next years tax return at whihc time it will eat up the refund we have been planning to help with the before mentioned move/down payment.

Home Sweet Home

September 9th, 2006 at 02:31 am

3118 miles later we are home again!
I love the kids, their spouses and our grandchildren, but the travel!! I know we live a long way off but that is where the job is! We are trying to move closer but that doesn't seem to be going any faster than our getting more kids is. Oh well, I believe in the soverenty (sp?) of God so I guess things will come in good time. In the meantime we will drive alot of miles a couple times a year.