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Next step

November 7th, 2006 at 08:35 pm

Ok, We have an appraisal, a home inspection, and are going out to see what the defects really look like. Our realtor suggested that we ask for them to give back 12 to 1500 at the closing so we can do all the repairs ourselves but I'm not sure that will cover it. We decided to go look at the house agaoin and see what the problems may take to fix. Some of them we may be able to do ourselves. I'm already sure we are replacing the toilet ourselves as well as the vent problem with the plumbing. It ocurred to me that the reason th ewindows might not open may be that the people nailed them shut. They have 4 rather boisterous boys and that may be how they guarentee no defenestration occurs. We ar egoing out tomorrow or later today to take a look and see what we have to have fixed in order to still buy the house. The good news is that the amount we are borrowing is close to the value so we will have some money to use for closing and repairs. I wish we had been able to save a bit more ourselves but considering where we were 4 years ago we are doing well to be able to afford a house at all. It will be cheaper than renting and the difference will be used to work on a monthly "project"

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    The windows may also simply be painted shut if it is an older house with wooden sashes. That's easy enough to fix as well, just takes some prying through the paint job, usually.

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