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November 29th, 2006 at 07:34 pm

This is done by the seller I am told. I am also told that it is the only thing hanging between us and a closing. We have achieved mortgage. Is that an achievement? I keep telling myself that it is an investment. After the first house I bought cost 25,000 and I sold it for 29,000. The second was 35,000 and I sold it for 39,000 (OK not an improvement but different place and time) So if I buy this at 48,000 I should be able to sell it for more someday, or at least my kids will. I hope! At least I won't be paying a landlord anymore. I can do what we want to do in and out of the house, as long as we can afford it! Our payments will be lower even with the insurance and taxes going to escrow. So we save over $100.00 a month to put into repairs. If all works out according to plan we should have the closing costs covered by the seller, and get some money back to do windows. Our EF (small though it may be will be used if we need to to do that becuase we can't move in until it is done. We'll build it back up ASAP however. Right now the car is slated to be paid off in January at which point we can sell it or give it away. Either way that frees up several hundred between the insurance being cut in half and the car payment being gone. We will be down to one car payment and one mortgage. Our trip East for the holidays may take some credit but we can pay it back as soon as the bill comes in.

2 Responses to “Title Search”

  1. janH Says:

    Wow. Sounds like you are on your way!

  2. donna jean Says:

    Okay, I just can't help drooling over the idea of spending $48,000 on a house. What I'd give to have that opportunity and the ability to live somewhere that is possible. Obviously, their are benefits and drawbacks to different geographic areas, but being in the middle of one of the highest priced housing markets in the US, it is a beautiful dream to have.

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