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Long time no blog

March 15th, 2010 at 09:54 pm

It has been a bit shy of a year since my last entry. Life got real busy and facebook got real fun!!
As I prepare to remodel the kitchen however I decided to start blogging about the financial part of it. We are on a low budget for this as for anything we do. Our income tax check provided the money to do the kitchen and pay off one fo the credit cards we thought. That was of course before our DIL got stuck in AZ with her eldest and needed a bit of a hand. Ah well, at least it wasn't money earmarked for bills. So less of a budget and some rearranging of priorities. No regrets on how we spent the money tho. We are going to replace the cabinets, install a dishwasher, panel walls, put in a new counter, sink, faucet, 2 windows, back door, screen door, and paint the ceiling and replace the linoleum with a rug all for under 5500. Like I said small kitchen. I am going to take before and after photos too. I got two estimates. They were within 250 of each other. We went with the lower one because he is by far the more professional of the two. Besides he says he can put in a standard 32 inch door instead of my paying 600 for a "special" door. So 2500 is the estimate tear out what's there and install new. I am buying off the shelf cabinets although I am not staining them myself. i could save around 400 by staining them myself but I think doing that to 9 cabinets (with the help of a 5 and 6 year old) sounds like a nightmare. Besides the end goal is to sell the house so predone is probably a better option (my painting skills are a bit lacking). I am however painting the ceiling my self. I will post more as I spend more!

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