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March 18th, 2010 at 08:58 am

We are considering getting a credit card for the remodeling stuff because the deal is no interest for a year. I do have the discipline to pay it off in a year and that way I can pay off one of our other credit cards completely (which would reduce the number we carry a balance on to 1. We have one for auto payments and one for use that gets paid off every month as well) i get upset with us because of the balance on one of the credit cards plus the balance still on the van but really we are doing ok. If we ignore the credit card with the biggest balance and pay 600 a month we will have it paid off in 3 years. I did use it for DH birthday present but then I promptly cut a check for the amount to make up for it. We are only in month one of ignoring it,35 to go!! The car is going slowly but in three years I may add some of what I have been paying that credit card and pay it off faster. The rest will go onto the house payment. As the years go by I hope to have it all remodeled by the time the 35 months are up. The kitchen is the biggest. Next we will do small jobs like the living room ceiling or the painting. I have some outside work to do too. Someone offered to move the brush in the back yard for 40 dollars but I think I can do it and then put the 40 into the emergency fund. Our emergency fund took a hit when the part of the tree blew down and we had to have the rest removed. It isn't even a month right now but we do add to it every month automatically.

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  1. momcents Says:

    That is funny you should post about this, because I just opened a Home Depot card for my dishwasher. It is 0% interest if paid off in 12 months. It was only a $425 purchase. I ended up using the cash I had for that purchase to buy a retractable awning at Sam's Club for our deck for $710.56 (including shipping and tax) VS the original one we found for $868 plus $128 shipping. I had my parents put the purchase on their card because they have the membership. I hadn't planned on opening the card, but it just helped me jockey things around and take advantage of better deals.

    Have fun with your kitchen item purchase!

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